Amica Senior Lifestyles

MPS Electric + Amica Britannica + Amica Senior Lifestyles

Project Summary Description

MPS Electric completed renovations at Amica Senior Lifestyles locations in Calgary, adding power-assisted door opener / closers throughout the buildings. The same renovations updated the fire alarm systems, allowing this work to improve both the ease of lifestyle + the safety of occupants, without sacrificing one to prioritize the other.

Highlight: Site Wide Excellence

MPS excels and providing friendly, professional and safe interaction with clients, coworkers, and the public. To deliver the work correctly, on time and on budget is a widely expected basic standard. This particular body of work required excellence in cleanliness site-wide.

Highlight: Strategic Scheduling

Keeping noise, materials, and our own proximity to residents at a minimum was the goal. We planed our work days strategically to contain disturbance to small areas at a time, in a short time interval per area, always communicating where & when we’ll be working. All of the ‘extra little things’ we had to do to accommodate the needs & goals of others: we did them happily.

Highlight: Positive Attitude Contagion

Working around senior citizens, for us, begins and stays with courtesy + respect. To be protective + supportive of any / all potential members of the vulnerable sector arrives easily from this attitude. We might say, our attitude towards quality work extends beyond the material installation. The satisfaction of building managers, staff, residents, and fellow contractors all contributed in being awarded new contracts with Amica Senior Lifestyles across Alberta.

Highlight: Acknowledgements

Working with Creative Door Calgary went very well overall. They are an impressively capable company, and did an excellent job at the finishing touches for these installations.

As well, to _____ and maintenance staff, to Masse and [?]

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